About Us

After over 35 years of helping local small business owners on Cape Cod with their printing and marketing needs, we have learned what the idea of “shop local” really means.

We bring this background and knowledge to our approach in the development of basic information websites specifically designed to meet the needs of this group of businesses.

If you own a business that is serving the local community, you must understand that in today’s world most people use their smartphones, tablets and computers to search for resources nearby. That fact makes an online presence a fundamental and vital addition to any business no matter how small.

Not only does a website provide essential information about your business and its products and services, it creates a level of credibility in the minds of shoppers and potential customers.

So, a website in today’s world has become a necessity for any business.

Just Local Sites was set up to offer affordable websites that satisfy this important need to establish a credible online presence that is professional, attractive and functional.  In most cases, a working website for a small business serves as a kind of “online brochure” that presents the essential details about the business in a clear, straightforward manner.

If you are in business, you need a website, and we can help you put one together quickly and inexpensively.  Please contact us today to discuss your options based on your needs.

It costs you nothing to find out about the website options for your business, but it may cost you a lot not to.

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