Local Site Pricing

We know how important it is for small business owners to keep their costs down in order to be profitable. We’ve been doing that since we started our business in 1982.

Because an online presence is now so critical to any size business especially those working hard to reach local customers, our goal is to offer an option that is affordable to most business owners.

Our basic Local Site Package (similar to this website) is only $695*.

This package includes designing three web pages of information, researching and registering the domain name for the website and providing hosting for the site for a year. The annual fees after the first year for domain name renewals and hosting are currently $90.

You have monthly expenses that are necessary to keep your business running, and most of those costs do not bring you new customers.

An investment in a website for your business is a way to reach people searching for local services and products and bring them to you.

* Upgrading to a more elaborate site is certainly available for additional costs, and we would provide a quote based on your needs for anything beyond this basic package pricing.

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